Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't Be Loco, Ban Four Loko

The Daily News reported on November 8 that a New York City chef is prohibited from holding an all-you-can-drink Four Loko night at his restaurant because all-you-can-drink nights are unlawful.Forget about shooting down this chef’s idea for the sake of it being all-you-can-drink, rather there should be a statewide movement to ban Four Loko altogether.People who drink Four Loko are asking for harmful consequences to their health as the drink is both a stimulant and a depressant. According to a Wake Forest University study, students who mix a stimulant and a depressant are more likely to suffer injuries while under the influence, while this combination also causes dehydration. This dehydration in turns causes the digestion of alcohol to be problematic for the human body, leading not only to a loss of coordination, but also an inability to manage internal temperature.Furthermore, many of the people I know who have consumed Four Loko have also said that they don’t feel nearly as drunk as they are told they’re acting, which means that the caffeine is making them feel more alert than they are. This certainly sounds like a deadly formula, as someone drinking Four Loko might feel fine to drive, meanwhile they have consumed what is the equivalent of 3.5 beers. Four Loko is already banned in many places, including the University of Rhode Island and Ramapo College in New Jersey. Hopefully, this movement will spread beyond schools and eventually grow to incorporate the nation, so these $2.50 beverages are removed from shelves before they kill someone.-Anthony Panissidi

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